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Loretta GALVAN’s Story



I have a 15 years old daughter. Since  she was 10 she has started to fight against an autoimmune thrombocytopenia. We do not need to tell what we have been doing because all the persons involved with this kind of illness actually have been doing the same, following ‘medical protocols’ currently used in the Italian hospitals (of course we visited lots of hospitals every time with the same result).


Immunoglobulin, cortisone, hospitalisations, almost daily drawings – all following protocols.

The worst was that the healing seemed to be worst than the illness itself. My baby was such bloat because of cortisone, we can’t stand to see her, she was distracted, with big stretch mark on her hips and thighs. She did not care about nothing, she only wanted to be alone, her friends left her out, we were actually worried and did not know what to do. The steady hospitalizations and the big bruises did not help us: they were violet and worryingly.

I told to doctors about my fear for those palliative and sometimes dangerous trials and about her 4,000 platelets count, but they only said she could risk an internal haemorrhage, or die (a professor of an important hospital in Rome), halting my doubts and starting again with cortisone, going ahead for years.

One day surfing on internet I saw news about Dr. Di Bella and the use of melatonin and vitamins treating leukaemia, particularly how useful was in case of thombocytopenia.

It was the first time I heard about it, and I found the name of Dr. Mauro Todisco, Grottammare. He knows well this kind of trial, in a few days he visited my daughter.


Since 15th Nov. 2003 our situation has completely changed! We started the new therapy with Dr. Todisco, and for 3 years we haven’t been using cortisone.

At the begin platelets increased, but the count decreased quite suddenly, settling on 5,000/3,000 down to 1,000…. Sometimes they grow up again to 20,000, but the important thing was: no symptoms, no petechiae, no bruises, she did not bruise if accidentally, like normal people.

Maybe melatonin could do what the low platelet count could not.

Now we do less blood tests, and come back to normal life!

My daughter fits in her size, and we go to hospital only for general check-up.

Three years have passed since March 2006, and platelets have settled from 225,000 to 100,000 (today, 4th Oct.), even if we stopped to care about platelets count because she was well.

We hope in a happy end…

Sometimes we asked about what happened if my daughter had been taken cortisone. How about her life now?


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