La natura ci ha dato la forza ed i mezzi...



Mrs Catia’s story


On May 2003 my mum, Martina, 54 years old, was immediately hospitalised after doing a hemochrome test because of her bruises.

5,000 platelets.

A week later, she was discharged with 210,000 platelets thanks to immunoglobulin.

A months passed by, and we start again with 11,000 platelets, new hospitalisation, she was given cortisone.

Platelets felt till 2,000, and the solution seemed to be the splenectomy the first cause of platelets count.

I did not agree because there were no guaranties.

When I knew about Dr. Todisco and its improvement in thrombocytopenia, I contacted him and we visited him suddenly.

After one week platelets count begins to raise (11,000) - it never happened with cortisone.

The bruises were disappearing. Since July 2033, after the meeting with Dr. Todisco and his treatment, my mum has been living normally, with 70,000 platelets, her spleen and back to her job.















































































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