La natura ci ha dato la forza ed i mezzi...




Mr. Carlo’s story


I was diagnosed with Werlhof on February 2005. On July 2005, the disease did not respond to cortisone-based cure (also in high doses), and  rituximab, a monoclonal antibody,    they suggested a splenectomy.

Few months ago, CHIARA told me about dr. Todisco. He treats thrombocytopenia in a non-conventional manner, his works published on American issues.

I visited him on 26 July 2005. Now-a-days, after 15 months, I still have my spleen, I feel well, I do sport (karate and volleyball), I have not been using cortisone for a year, and my platelets count is settled over 25,000 (last hemochrome 42,000 platelets).





















































































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