La natura ci ha dato la forza ed i mezzi...






My name is Francesca Romana Luzi I am 34, and I live in Rome. When I was 26 after a dysmenorrhoea and the appearance of petechiaes on my legs and arms, in my mouth, I was diagnosed thrombocytopenia idiopathic at the Gemelli Hospital, where I have been hospitalized for some days.

I immediately responded to Deltacortene treatment, with a considerable platelets count raise within few time. Doctors prescribed a prednisone treatment for few days up to decrease till 5mg and finally completely stop it.

I have been taking cortisone for no more than a month.

Over the years I became relapsed and these kind of episodes (dysmenorrhoea, petechiaes…) reappeared randomly and occasionally (i.e. 3 times a years, then nothing for two years…)

Shortly, I decided to get informed  about this disease and surfing on the  net I found an alternative treatment carried out by dr. Todisco, with melatonin, vitamin C, vitamin E.

I immediately contacted dr. Todisco for an examination, and started with melatonin-based treatment.

I realized even if the platelets count was not high, the vessel thickness was definitely better, I did not have haematomas after shock, it seemed melatonin behaved like platelets, making them strong and “armed”.

 Last Summer I had piastrinopenia episodes because of a sudden cold (a sort of congestion in a shop with high air-conditioned).

I had a platelets transfusion (I was in Spain and the first aid was timely and impeccable) and Deltacortene treatment for a month.


I called dr. Todisco, he made me finish the cortisone treatment, then since September I have been starting a low dosage of Synacten, every week beginning,, and then every 12 days. I have been taking at a very low dosage - less than 0,20mg every 2 weeks - and since September my platelets count have been 200,000 about.

I am so proud of this result, and of course I always cross my fingers.















































































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