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Miss OTA's Story


I the undersigned Ms Ota, living in the Province of Asti, 49 years old, wants to communicate the outcomes after the melatonin-based treatments prescribed by dr. Todisco for Werlhof disease.

In 1987 after haematomas, from the blood tests  appeared a 60,000 platelets count pt(?). I didnít had results after a 75 mg per day Deltacortene treatment. The marrow sternum centesis showed Werlhof disease with values from 23,000 to 50,000. I arrived to June 2006, combining some periods with cortisone-based and in case of need Ugurol or Dicinone, and in the same month the platelets count felt down to 7,000. Once hospitalised I was given IGEV 25mg per day and IV cortisone. After about 15 days the new count was 110,000 and I was discharged with 50mg Deltacortene treatment  per day. I become bloated, irritable, I had stomach pain, so I was taking tranquilizer and ranitidine.

In the hospital I was indicated to have a  splenectomy or start a rituximab treatment Ė I didnít accept.

I contacted dr.Todisco and talked about my situation, I started his melatonin and vitamins -based treatment, and I have been stopping cortisone and so on since September 2006.

My every 2 moths checks show the platelets count between 38,000/58,000, I havenít been taking other medicines, and I am going on with hard business activity without any problems.

Now-a-days I am fully pleased with the treatments and my health, so actually I  show there are effective alternative treatments to fight Werlhof disease.

Try to think about it.

If you want to contact me :  abifiofo@libero.it













































































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