La natura ci ha dato la forza ed i mezzi...





Good evening,

my name is Antonello Tregli I live in Roma and I am 42.
I would like to tell you my experience, doping it could be helpful for those who - at a certain point -  faced hopelessness.
My story started in 1982 but I actually found out everything only 5 years later.

In fact in 1987 while doing ordinary blood test, it found out about my platelets count was low - 80000 about – and I compared the result with old tests, I observed since 5 years before the count had been low.

At the time I did not worried (I am a bit fatalist) but the platelets count varied without  going up again.

So I decided to address to professor  XXXXX which said  to me - at a high price - to keep quiet as I was not born with this problem, so  the count would climbed again.

The years pass and I was checking my platelets count every 6 months, always the same quantity 80,000, but one years ago it suddenly collapsed up to 6,000.

Day after days I became awareness of the situation, and the nightmare was more and more real.

I came back to professor XXXX in a rush, he advised me to address to haematology in Rome, I did it but the bad news continued, after 3 hours queuing she drastically explained me the only thing to do was CORTISONE.

She prescribed me a shock therapy with high dosage of cortisone, for 2 weeks, for 3 times to be repeated. The first week it was the worst week of my life, I took this cortisone dosage, I stopped to sleep, to work, to live….I remember very well. 

I realized that it can be managed, I was panic-stricken and I decided to search on internet.

I read pages and pages, I was desperate, then I read about witnesses that did the 3 wonderful cortisone cycles and soon again they did splenectomy, and after all this their platelets count was still low.

Surfing those pages I noticed a certain professor Todisco, and I decided to call him without knowing why.

The impression was a person very concrete, maybe too much immediate, if considering my mood, but I tried.

I travelled  to Grottammare, an endless journey  with nightmares and discouraged, nothing worst than this… I arrived and I faced reality, he was lapidary, no promises, ‘If you want, just try it – he said.

I came out, and I was still confused and more discouraged than before… Than I thought, I doesn’t matter, it’s just melatonin and vitamins, it could not be dangerous!

I began the therapy, I met dr. Todisco again, and after 3 months I stabilized both the platelets count and my mood.

I visited dr. Todisco right yesterday, and I am witnessing to say to him THANKS THANKS THANKS

Thank goodness there are rationally  people coming out from the logic of a book, people using reason and heart in order to help people like me, victims of ‘protocols’. I do not know what actually ‘protocol’ means, I just know it was driving me to mental and physical death.

Kindly yours.

























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