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  In this page I ask myself questions I don’t know (or better, my lawyer suggested me – I shouldn’t know…) the answer.

  • Werlhof’s disease is a rare disease! It means in percentage there are few persons suffer it, so investing in this field in order to find a treatment could be less profitable?


  • Werlhof’s disease is diagnosed ‘by elimination’. If your platelets count is low, and you haven’t been contracting any of 12 virus linked to thrombocytopenia, the science assert you have the disease. “Official Medicine” knows few things about this disease, and doctors treat symptoms following the protocol, using medicines with awful side effects.


  • Pinocchio’s doctor formulated the first proceed by elimination, asking, referring to the puppet : If it is not alive, is it dead?


  • Melatonin is not patentable as it is a natural substance, so it is not interesting for pharmaceuticals?


  • Cortisone does not cure the disease, but does it try to reduce risks, depressing the whole immune system?


  • Immunoglobulins, better the gamma Immunoglobulins, ‘obstruct’ the immune system, allowing some platelets to survive, because the suppressing antigen does not find them during obstruction?


  • Dr. Mauro Todisco, that have been treating 20 piastrinopenia cases, 95% successful cases or settled cases, is an alien?


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